When Jesus taught us to pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” His expectation was more than prayer meetings. He envisioned catalytic movements, known as churches, designed to bring the culture of heaven to the broken systems of this world. Just before His ascension, Jesus commissioned His followers to “disciple nations.” This was a clear reference to not only bring the Gospel to the individual, but to also transform cultures with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The present growing emphasis on the Kingdom of God is a sign that the Church is being awakened by God to its role as His cultural change agent. This is the guiding philosophy of the Academy for Cultural Transformation.

ACT has four distinct tracks of emphasis:

1)  Biblical - the scriptures are God's communication to man, the foundation to understanding all of life. Students will be familiarized with the content of the Bible and trained to study it for themselves.

2) Theological - ideas have consequences and none have greater consequences than theological ones. One's view of God determines their destiny. Therefore, ACT is a school heavy on theology, equipping students to love God with all their mind.

3)  Devotional - emphasizing the importance of the interior life, students are challenged and equipped to develop their own walk with God. We believe that all good fruit flows from intimacy. We also address the hindrances to intimacy with God including emotional wounds, demonic inroads and mental strongholds common to believers.

4)  Equipping - to bridge the gap between theory and application, ACT focuses not only on information, but on impartation and activation as well. Guest speakers include a mix of regional, national and global leaders who instruct and impart to the students. Each student is required to develop a clear personal strategy for cultural impact.

More than a ministry school, ACT is an equipping center designed to empower believers to become the leaven of the Kingdom referenced by Jesus in Matthew 13. Just as the single cell organism of yeast quickly multiplies into a yeast culture, raising its host, so the individual believer is charged with the development of the culture of God’s Kingdom. This Kingdom culture is intended to infect and transform society as a whole. This is the mission of ACT.